Kellie's Castle

Kellie's castle...never thought that there is a castle in the state of Perak, near Batu Gajah and is about 20 minutes drive from Ipoh. Started my journey at noon, and took me two hours to reach there. To reach there, exit Simpang Pulai toll and turn left after the toll and drive straight untill you see a sign board wriiten with Kellie's castle name.

The construction of this mansion began in the year of 1915 during the time of British Occupation of Malaya. 1915 - 2010 is about almost 100 years wow!!! This mansion was built by William Kellie Smith who was a wealthy Scottish planter for his wife, Agnes Smith and their first child, Helen Agnes. However this house was ruin during the world war II and whats left was only the foundation and parts of the wall.

William Kellie Smith hired about 70 Indians from madras, South India as skilled labourers for the constuctionof the mansion. During the construction, a virus fle struck and killed many of the workers.

Emmmm, this mansion is haunted. Don't go there at night, but the people in charge there don't allow you to go in anyway cause the mansion opens daily from 9am to 6pm. =]

There have been many myths or legends or rumors spreading around about the mysterious castle. Some say there have been lot of spirit wondering around the castle since worker die during the construction and world war II. I am very curious on the notice around the mansion during my visits. One of it wrttien, william's spirit is believed wondering around the corridor (first and second floor) but the fact is that he died of pneumonia in Lisbon, Portugal at the age of 56. His soul flew back here??? hhmmppp....

Besides the mansion, there is a tree name bear tree, it looks like a bear hugging the tree but I don't really see it as is the bear hugging it, maybe the shape run away already... =P

worth for a visiting thou~ thumbs up ^^