Mille Crepe

My first taste of mille crepe was in section 17, Petaling Jaya. Nothing much to describe except "great". As I heard that it was originally was from Malacca, I started to wonder how true it is. So During the holidays, I went for a visit to Malacca.

The shop called Nadeje, it is blue in color and not much space in that shop. Somehow, I manage to find the place after saving the address that I found on internet.

Nadeje Patisserie
G-23 & 25,- Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Malacca.

Emmm, basically it just beside Mahkota Parade, but I round and round and round all over that area, haha. Not familiar with the place I guess. Sooner as I found that place, without any hesitation, I ordered one slice on each of the flavor. Total 6 slices. Personally I like the original crepe. They are selling it for RM8.50.

There are total of 16 layers of crepes and thin later of cream sandwiched between each layers. The balance of crepes make me feel not too creamy and I feel the soft and sweetness at the excellent level. Just nice.

Berry-berry strawberry mille crepe

Green Tea mille crepe

Chocolate mille crepe

Coffee mille crepe

Rum mille crepe

The original mille crepe

They have many different kind of drinks too. =]

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Portuguese Village, Malacca

I heard bout this village from my friend and did come research on it. I found that this village is beside the sea and there are 8 seafood restaurants there. Heard it was famous, so I decides to have a try.

This place bout 10 minutes drive from Equatorial Hotel, but my friends and I been guide by the hotel receptionist (not Equatorial Hotel) to use a longer route to this village. We almost reach Muar, Johor already...pathetic.

After few failure of directions (following the guide from the receptionist), we reach the place and have a walk beside the sea. Basically everything there was in the rebuilding process.

Sunset view from the Portuguese village.
Here comes bout the food part. One word to describe it, NORMAL, nothing special, can eat, the seafood quite fresh. taste so so only. Nothing much to comment about accept I think this place is specially made for tourist. I mean tourist from oversea. hoho...

Well if you have not been there, can have a trip there. Not too often as I bet that other place's seafood are much better.
Seafood restaurant

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