Here In My Home

This song sang by Malaysian artistes and is a project of Malaysian Artistes for Unity. It is written by producer Pete Teo, the song and its music video showcase local artistes and celebrities ranging from arts activists, sportsmen to corporate figures. This song was about hope and racial unity.

Artist who involved included Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor, Reshmonu, Atilia, KLG Sqwad, Altimet, Suki, Daniel Lee, Datuk Tony Fernandes, Maya Karin, Singletrackmind, Stephen Chua, Shebby Singh, Sharifah Amani, Amber Chia and Ida Nerina. This song has multiligual section sung in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

I am very surprise that it is local production and this song is nice and meaningful. First few days of release, this song had reach about 60 000 downloads. Fuiyoooo.

I feel that this song not only apply to Malaysian but to the whole wide world as well. UNITY BRING PEACE.

Let's enjoy this song people.! wohoooooooo~~

You can even download this songs and mtv for FREE. Thumbs up~ Thumbs up~

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009, Putrajaya

Last Saturday morning, I saw a post message from my friend bout this hot air balloon fiesta on Putrajaya. Without any hesitation, I inform my friend bout this event after checking out the details on net. It held on 21 and 22 of March 2009, 7am to 9pm. The hot air balloon starts around 5pm. When I reach there, I see nothing but an empty field.
After 15minutes later, I saw few people start to prepare the basket or gondola.
After they settle up the basket, they starts to test out their burner.
Sooner the crowd starting to filling up the event area.
and finally it starts. Yeah !!

Orange balloon.

And this is the rising of clown balloon. Scary actually and don't seems nice to me.

Other balloon rising up as well, the yellow balloon is from Malaysia and the clown balloon from Belgium.

Clown balloon is flying and The MasterCard balloon flies without a basket.

Elephant balloon~~WAU OOOO~~~~

Beside the balloon stated "To Vincent". Wonder who is Vincent and why dedicate to Vincent. :P

Opsss forget to mention that the crowd is uncontrollable as they started to entered the event area.

They take the chances to snap photos and look more closer, and of course I join the crowd. :P

Well dude, lets have a break with Nescafe~~~
Peacock balloon lifting up in the evening and it is the last balloon on that day. Somehow it didn't manage to lift up, which same goes to Nescafe and elephant balloon. Maybe cause the sky is getting dark. Too bad. =( Anyway, it is a nice fiesta, hanging out with friends in the Saturday evening and suprisingly ms.Little Lazy Worm was there too and she come together with mr.Underforce.

Nice balloon~ thumbs up~ thumbs up~

The Haunted Hospital of Fujikyu Highland Park, Japan

Fujikyu Highlands was one of my visits during my holiday in Japan. Fujikyu Highlands a.k.a Fuji-Q Highlands is well known in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. This theme park located near the beautiful scenario of Mount Fuji and it also famous for the most extreme and thrilling roller coasters.

Haunted hospital is one of the attraction in Fuji-Q Highlands. The Japanese love hunted houses and well, is true!. This haunted house apparently is a hospital and it is believe that they remade the exact building as the real hospital which is believed to be haunted. They made a superb walk through in the hospital with only charges of additional 500 Yen.

One of the horror doll decorated near the entrances (left).

Time schedule beside the entrances (right).

There isn't many people queue up for that haunted house when I was there. Before start the walk through, they first give u an introduction which i don't quite exactly understand what it is all about as they speak in Japanese. =P After the 10 min brief, I was brought into a small theater and a short documentary was played as an introduction. I think they trying to give us some feel of horror. After that, each group of visitor is issued a flashlight and I was guided by the only walkway throughout the journey.

I passes room after room which full of blood stain, overturned lap equipment and followed by the horror stereo sounds. My group consisting of 6 person with only two guys and four girls.

I guarding behind the line and the other guy lead the ways.
As I come into a room, there is a ghost...hermm..not ghost..or I should call it actor portraying insane look sitting on the bed yelling. Is very creepy, we make our step faster and we came into a narrow hallway. There is an effected by virus (actor) monster in the middle of hallway. He didn't make any movement as we passed by but for some distance, I looked back and shocked and scream loudly as that monster start walking and then run toward us. That freaking ugly monster stop chasing us as we exited the hallway. The route getting darker and the environment really makes me scared to death. We returned the flashlight at some stage and we thought it was all over with this haunted house but surprisingly there is still long way up ahead. It's dark and we barely see a thing.

We run all the way to the exit door without a second thought and well, I am out of the haunted hospital at last. I feel relieved and hungry.ha~ ha~

It's a great great great experiences for me and I will remember it forever.

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** The image showing the dark bedroom, overturn lab and the person in green collecting flashlight are not a real image that I took but the the buildings, doll, and entrance board are real. They do not allow visitor to snap photos throughout process.

Earth Hour, 8.30pm - 9.30pm, 28 March 2009

There is an event on 28 March 2009 at 8.30pm to 9.30pm which thousands of cities and towns across the world will turn off their lights for one hour. This action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions for the short and long term benefit of the earth.

This event was started in Sydney, Australia 2007 where all the lights were turn off for an hour. Sooner it spread across 370 cities and towns in more then 35 countries across 19 timezone.

Hope billions of people around the world will switch off their lights for the earth hour. Please participate in this meaningful events. One person's contribution would mean a lot to the earth. So let us do our part and save the world. (wow!! is something like save the cheerleader, save the world..haha) REDUCE the greenhouse gas emission. go! go!.

Come on everyone, let's do our part. Don't be lazy fellas. =P

Eyeshield #21

Never give a thought that American Football is so interesting. After watch this anime, I even know how to play by the rules. My first impression to this sport was a rough game, but it wasn't show that way.

This story is about a boy name Sena Kobayakawa who spent his life complying with the demands of bullies. Sooner he was discovered by his high school American football team captain Yoichi Hiruma and forces Sena to join Deimon Devil Bats as his team's running back. Sena fast pace ability become a new rising stars among the high school football.

Besides that, there are few funny characters like The Three Ha-Ha Brothers, Kazuki Jumonji , Koji Kuroki and Shozo Togano. They 3 are not brothers but always being called as brothers and constantly re-affirming that they are not brothers cause they constantly together. They three are line defences post in the team.

Eyeshield 21 is name after the main character, Sena who wears an eyeshield helmet to keep his identity as mystery. While the football uniform he is wearing is number 21.

Good recommendation from ms.tisubox, thanks. thumbs up~ thumbs up. =D

The Loaf, Cheese Cake

Cheese cake!! One of my favorites...

Ms.little lazy worm bought for me this cake last few days after her 1st interview. I miss this cake a lot ever since I tasted it. I think she bought from The Loft, heard that this shop opened by our beloved ex prime minister Dr.Mahathir. Pavilion is the second shop and the origin is at Langkawi. Well, I don't care what history it is, what I gonna say is, this cheese cake is very very nice and even tastier when it is cold.

It seems like a cup cake, when I am eating it, I feel like eating icecream because it is inside the cup and when i eating it, I feel the cake melt slowly on my tongue and the sweetness of chocolate plus the taste of cheese make me WANTS MORE.

Opss guess I over described. hahaha

Thank You Ms.little lazy worm. ~~ =D thumbs up, thumbs up

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - **The bag only for display purposes. Is not from The Loaf.

Stamp "denda"

I once encounter a question, what's a stamp "denda" anyway?, from my colleague during the "blow water" session about hobbies. Well, I love collecting stamp, and I do have this stamp "denda".

Stamp "denda" is known as stamp postage due, is used for mail sent with insufficient postage. This stamp was introduced due to the customer who make their own decisions about the amount to pay without the assistant of the postal clerk.

The postage due stamps usually have a simple design which only consist large numeral with the word "postage due" to oversea country and "denda" to our country, Malaysia.

That's all for the short summary about postage due to Mr.One Line Eyes.


Hi all, I came up with this new blog called iceycodez, to replace my old blog, allboutnd, which i stopped for ages with only 2 to 3 posts. Sorry to my friend, ms.Skinny, who encouraged me to start a blog to fill in my free time. ha!. ha!.

This is all new revamp blog of mine. Enjoy folks. =P