Tanjung Sepat

When my friend decides to treat us lunch or dinner, Jogoya was the first word that reach my ear. Wow, so expensive for him as his first ever salary spend us to Jogoya. Well then, I suggest to them that we go for sea food at Tanjung Sepat.

Tanjung Sepat is a small town in Kuala Langat, Selangor. It is on straits of Malacca. This town primarily a fishing town and well known locally for its many seafood restaurants. Recently I heard from radio, this place have seafood "Bak Kut Teh" but i can't seem to find it.

View at Tanjung Sepat

I went there for lunch and Restoran Hong Seng Bay Seafood was our destination. The seafood is cheap there we order 4 plate of dishes including prawns, oyster, stim fish, squid, and a soup. Total for the lunch was rm90. Hows that!!

Few of the dishes

After lunch, we plan to go for a "pau"(bun) dessert but fail to find it. They said the "pau" (bun) was very delicious and famous. This shop visited by the HongKong eat expert. Ever since then, the busines rise up to 80% sales...wow!! Must go try it someday.

After that, we headed straight to Bagan Lalang, a places near Tanjung Sepat, is about 15 - 20 mins ride. This place is nice, windy, and there have a resort, not sure whats the name. Well, there are lot of people playing kite at the seaside. A nice place to hangout too. hehe.

Cow "lepak-ing" beside the road

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** a nice place to relax..out from the busy and hectic city **

Mille Crepe

My first taste of mille crepe was in section 17, Petaling Jaya. Nothing much to describe except "great". As I heard that it was originally was from Malacca, I started to wonder how true it is. So During the holidays, I went for a visit to Malacca.

The shop called Nadeje, it is blue in color and not much space in that shop. Somehow, I manage to find the place after saving the address that I found on internet.

Nadeje Patisserie
G-23 & 25,- Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Malacca.

Emmm, basically it just beside Mahkota Parade, but I round and round and round all over that area, haha. Not familiar with the place I guess. Sooner as I found that place, without any hesitation, I ordered one slice on each of the flavor. Total 6 slices. Personally I like the original crepe. They are selling it for RM8.50.

There are total of 16 layers of crepes and thin later of cream sandwiched between each layers. The balance of crepes make me feel not too creamy and I feel the soft and sweetness at the excellent level. Just nice.

Berry-berry strawberry mille crepe

Green Tea mille crepe

Chocolate mille crepe

Coffee mille crepe

Rum mille crepe

The original mille crepe

They have many different kind of drinks too. =]

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up for this cake wooohoooo **

Portuguese Village, Malacca

I heard bout this village from my friend and did come research on it. I found that this village is beside the sea and there are 8 seafood restaurants there. Heard it was famous, so I decides to have a try.

This place bout 10 minutes drive from Equatorial Hotel, but my friends and I been guide by the hotel receptionist (not Equatorial Hotel) to use a longer route to this village. We almost reach Muar, Johor already...pathetic.

After few failure of directions (following the guide from the receptionist), we reach the place and have a walk beside the sea. Basically everything there was in the rebuilding process.

Sunset view from the Portuguese village.
Here comes bout the food part. One word to describe it, NORMAL, nothing special, can eat, the seafood quite fresh. taste so so only. Nothing much to comment about accept I think this place is specially made for tourist. I mean tourist from oversea. hoho...

Well if you have not been there, can have a trip there. Not too often as I bet that other place's seafood are much better.
Seafood restaurant

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** No thumbs up for this =[ **

Exercising make you fat?

Fats fats go away~~ how how? tell me how?

Instead of melting off the fats by exercising, it will add more of it. Wth~ Recently I came across with an article stated bout it. Those who believe that jogging, brisk walking, jungle-tracking, or hitting the gym will make you slim and lean, well, think again fellas. Studies are now been cited to show that you actually gain weight exercising.

Let's face the facts in reality life, exercise makes us hungry and we simply want to reward our self after a hard work of exercise. So we actually eat more then our body able to burn. On my weekly sports, I will go for swimming or basketball and, I always eat after that. The next activity is, me and my friends will have a cup of coca-cola (free flow) and french fries at Mc Donald and chill out there after a heavy and challenging basketball. What's the conclusion? We gain more weight. =\ We add more fats instead of burning it.

Take another example, how much time needed to burn off a 360-calorie blueberry muffin for a 70 kg, 30-year old women? She needs 66 minutes of lean mowing, 77 minutes of cycling at an easy pace, 92 minutes of vacuuming and 115 minutes of weightlifting. Now mind what you eat the next time after exercise.

Let's think again the meal after exercising or don't exercise at all? =D

Putrajaya Seri Wawasan Bridge

Stop blogging quite sometime, and I guess some of my friends think that I have stop to blog. Hoho... Well, I have been quite busy lately and recently I get to catch up a few photos from Putrajaya bridge at night. This place was so quiet...but beautiful....

Well, not a bad place to hang out after all....and if the weather is cold......that's add to the credit...

Final Fantasy Versus Xlll

Hi guys, I am a FF fans and bump into this trailer, check this FF Versus Xlll trailer, this is so cooooollll...~!!!!!

The trailer opens with a three car motorcade traveling on the lower deck of a double decker highway leading into a metropolis. The Prince is seen within one of the vehicles, emotionless. The trailer then cuts into the scene from last trailer where in the Prince walks outside the building to hundreds of soldiers. Unlike the previous trailer, as the Prince materializes his weapons, he rapidly engages the soldiers by himself using a wide variety of his weapons. As the Prince breaks a soldiers neck he imposes his weapon barrier in front of a dozen advancing soldiers. Their bullets are reflected, thus shooting themselves.

Next the Prince teleports into the air to engage soldiers repelling down the building. As he falls to eliminate one soldier he teleports back into the air to engage more also teleports to where he throws his sword. Before teleporting to the front of the building the Prince impales a repelling soldier as blood virtually bursts from the soldiers back. Rocket Propelled Grenades are fired upon him, but once more the Prince's barrier of weapons keeps the him unscathed. The trailer ends with the Prince practically dismissing the soldiers meager efforts as he returns to his thrown.

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** Source from www.ff-xiii.net =] **

Konami Code

UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, ENTER. Sounds familiar? This very familiar to me when I first saw it on my friend's shoutout in facebook. This few keys bring more clearer to me when my colleague ms.Tisubox show me a wiki website on Konami Code. This keys remind me of the game that I use to play when I small. Those contra, Super C, Contra 4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, event lastest game like Death, Jr. 2:Root of Evil (PSP) uses this key. In Death, Jr. 2:Root of Evil, on the pause menu, holding L and pressing this Konami Code with replace of B, A to X, O provides the player with all weapons and weapons upgrades. Almost all Konami games able to perform this codes which significantly affects gameplay.

Konami Code was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto, who developing the home port of the 1985 arcade game Gradius. Cause the game was too difficult, so he created a cheat code which gives the player full set of power-ups, which are normally attained gradually thoughout the game. The Konami Code was introduced to many gamers in the 1988 NES version of Contra. This increase the players lives from 3 to 30 in order to finish the game. (Source from Wiki)

Guess what guys, this Konami Code apply to several websites too including Facebook. Login your facebook account and give a try. You can also see other website via this website http://konamicodesites.com/

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** thumbs up for
Kazuhisa Hashimoto his code will be use for long long long time. hohoho **

Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

I visited Taman Pertanian a.k.a Bukit Cahaya a.k.a Bukit Cherakah on weekend. This park is Malaysia Agriculture Park which opened to public in 1986 and located in Shah Alam, Selangor. There are many gardens in this park amongst which are the Orchid Garden, Bamboo Garden, Rabbit Garden etc. The operating hours is from 8.30am to 4.30om and the entrance fees are RM3.00 for adult and RM1.00 for children 4 to 11 years old and RM1.00 for 55 years and above. Close on Monday except for public holiday and school holiday. We also can camp inside this park. Beside cycling and camping, they have paintball and skytrex. Paintball area are quite big and looks challenging while the skytrex. Woooow looks very tall, as tall as 10 metres high.

I have been there for few times. Is really a nice place to hang out. Is is big and impossible to visit the whole area just by walking. It take ages to complete. =] Cycling might be a good choice to visit the whole area but beware of your buttocks because the bicycle seat are hard. I suffer from the pain for few days. hohoho ~~


Hey hey hear this music. Not a bad combination. =]

thumb up~~
Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) : Brotherhood is back !!!. The story is almost similar with the previous FMA but this time round the anime decides to follow the manga. For those who not familiar with FMA, I give some short summary. =P

Two brothers lose their mother to an incurable disease. With the power of "alchemy", they use taboo knowledge to resurrect her, but the process fails, and as a trade for using this alchemy, the older brother, Edward Elric loses his left leg while the younger brother, Alphonse Elric loses his entire body. To save his brother, Edward sacrifices his right arm and is able to affix his brother's soul to a suit of armor. With the help of a family friend, Edward receives metal limbs - "automail" - to replace his lost ones. With that, Edward vows to search for the Philosopher's Stone to return the brothers to their original bodies, even if it means becoming a "State Alchemist", one who uses his/her alchemy for the military.

Is kind of adventure, comedy, drama and fantasy type of anime. =]

Try it, is The opening theme song for this FMA: Brotherhood is "again" by YUI and the ending theme song is Uso (Lie) by SID. Nice songs !!!.. I love YUI's song especially. Her song choosen for Bleach theme song too, Life and Rolling Star.

You can also visit this official site http://www.animax-asia.com/shows/FullmetalAlchemistBrotherhood

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** Not a bad series to watch again. This time round, they shorten the length of mission to one episode compare to previous. **
Thumbs up~~ thumbs up~~ thumbs up~~

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. Afternoon 4++pm, work time, my mind was quiet overload with work and decided to take a break. So I went to pantry and open up the freezer and found ice-cream. Is Ben & Jerry ice-cream chocolate flavor.

Okok the freezer seems empty and only the ice-cream in the middle. You all must have thought that I making up the story. haha. In fact my office freezer is that empty. I didn't taste this ice-cream before so decided to have a few scopes and WOW!! Is delicious !!!

More flavor on Ben & Jerry's official web site. http://www.benjerry.com/.

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** Have a try folks. I said this ice cream is 'sedap like hell come back from heaven!!! '
Thumbs up~~ thumbs up~~
thumbs up~~ **

Miki Ojisan No Mise. Did you guys heard it before?.. Well, this is the name of an outlet in 3rd Floor Isetan, Suria KLCC. We can find this outlet at Bangsar Village Ground Floor too.

What so special on this outlet? This would be extremely good news for the cheese cake lover out there because Mike Ojisan No Mise made extremely nice cheese cake. IS CHEEEEESEEEEE CAKE yo~~~

They use fresh ingredients without additional preservatives and is low in fat and sugar. It is nutritious. =] Good choice for everyone now with the trend of healthy living and healthy food. Once you bought, you can only enjoy it within three days else the cake will expired.

I bought two cakes. One is plain cheese cake and another is lemon cheese cake. The plain cheese cake cost around rm17 for small and rm19 for a big. For those lover, they can buy a love shape cake too. ; ] As to those flavor cake like the one I bought (lemon cheese cake) cost around rm50.

This is the plain cheese cake with their symbol on top. =] Previously I heard that they have two types, original and chocolate cheese cake, but I didn't notice any sign of chocolate there. The texture was soft and light and absolutely delicious that makes me wants more.
yumm yumm~

And this is the lemon cheese cake I choose. Is kinda plain as it looks but is really nice. Is like what people said "don't judge a book by it's cover". This cake look plain but the light taste of cheese combine with lemon and fresh cream make it simply irresistible. My family finish it within one night. Suit for older people too as the taste is not so heavy.

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** Have a try folks. **

Thumbs up~ thumbs up~ thumbs up~

Broga Hill, Let's Go !!

"Wow!!!!", the first word that came out from my mouth after I saw a photo taken from my friend. It was Broga hill that made one of the many interesting things I have bumped into. Two weeks later, I am at the broga hill.

The Broga hill located at Semenyih, a small town south of Kajang. It is quite easy to go if you googling hard enough. There maybe one or two direction that you must take note on the way there. I personally used the LDP ( Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong ) to reach there.

On Saturday, I woke up at 3.45am, getting myself ready and GO~~!!...to fetch two of my friends at Subang and then straight to Puchong (another staying at Puchong). Around 5am, we depart from Puchong using the way heading to Putrajaya. After passing the rm1.60 toll, head straight up and look for the Kajang signboard. After turning right, will be at SKVE highway. We go straight up passes UNITEN and reach SILK highway and We passes two rm1.00 toll. After the 2nd rm1.00 toll, take notice to the sign board "Rinching" (if not mistaken the spelling) and follow it. This turning is quite confuse because the signboard with Semenyih pointed straight up ahead but actually not far from there, there is another signboard with Rinching and Semenyih pointing the arrow to left. Many people will miss out this turning and go straight. Finally reach Jalan Semenyih. I drove ahead till I reach the second Petronas station and turn left to Nottingham University. When I see the university, I know that I am on the right track to Broga. I drove further inside reach the rabbit farm. I parked my car beside the rabbit farm and at 6.30am, hiking begins!!!

At the palm oil tree entrance, many car parked there, I guess not only my group to Broga hill. We took 10 minutes pass the oil palm tree, and about 30 minutes to the top hill.

The sky is still dark.
The sky is brighter now.

Reaching top. Yeah!!
A group of hikers stop there. Wondering why they stop there...hmmmm????
They looking to this???? cannot be....strange???~~
What is he snapping at?? hmmm...

Well well, is cupcakes...We bring it up there to celebrate ms.Piggy birthday and sang a birthday song to her. Happy birthday yo..
Passed one of the peak. yeah!!
Tracks for us to walk.
Sure lots of people there.
PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - **
Take note if you want to be there:
1. Torchlight - need it when the sky is dark
2. Insect repellent- if you’re afraid of mosquito
3. CAMERA - you don't wanna miss the beautiful scenery
4. Small towel
5. Extra t-shirt
7. Water - 1.5L
8. Wear long pants.**