Exercising make you fat?

Fats fats go away~~ how how? tell me how?

Instead of melting off the fats by exercising, it will add more of it. Wth~ Recently I came across with an article stated bout it. Those who believe that jogging, brisk walking, jungle-tracking, or hitting the gym will make you slim and lean, well, think again fellas. Studies are now been cited to show that you actually gain weight exercising.

Let's face the facts in reality life, exercise makes us hungry and we simply want to reward our self after a hard work of exercise. So we actually eat more then our body able to burn. On my weekly sports, I will go for swimming or basketball and, I always eat after that. The next activity is, me and my friends will have a cup of coca-cola (free flow) and french fries at Mc Donald and chill out there after a heavy and challenging basketball. What's the conclusion? We gain more weight. =\ We add more fats instead of burning it.

Take another example, how much time needed to burn off a 360-calorie blueberry muffin for a 70 kg, 30-year old women? She needs 66 minutes of lean mowing, 77 minutes of cycling at an easy pace, 92 minutes of vacuuming and 115 minutes of weightlifting. Now mind what you eat the next time after exercise.

Let's think again the meal after exercising or don't exercise at all? =D

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sweetnessMemories said...

owww... in my mind..exercise is for healty wan ma,...not keep fit..hoho....
broga again..lai lai lai...hahhaaa