Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. Afternoon 4++pm, work time, my mind was quiet overload with work and decided to take a break. So I went to pantry and open up the freezer and found ice-cream. Is Ben & Jerry ice-cream chocolate flavor.

Okok the freezer seems empty and only the ice-cream in the middle. You all must have thought that I making up the story. haha. In fact my office freezer is that empty. I didn't taste this ice-cream before so decided to have a few scopes and WOW!! Is delicious !!!

More flavor on Ben & Jerry's official web site.

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** Have a try folks. I said this ice cream is 'sedap like hell come back from heaven!!! '
Thumbs up~~ thumbs up~~
thumbs up~~ **

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sweetnessMemories said...

wow....sooooooooo nice meh?
buy me one ! thx sloong! ;)