Miki Ojisan No Mise. Did you guys heard it before?.. Well, this is the name of an outlet in 3rd Floor Isetan, Suria KLCC. We can find this outlet at Bangsar Village Ground Floor too.

What so special on this outlet? This would be extremely good news for the cheese cake lover out there because Mike Ojisan No Mise made extremely nice cheese cake. IS CHEEEEESEEEEE CAKE yo~~~

They use fresh ingredients without additional preservatives and is low in fat and sugar. It is nutritious. =] Good choice for everyone now with the trend of healthy living and healthy food. Once you bought, you can only enjoy it within three days else the cake will expired.

I bought two cakes. One is plain cheese cake and another is lemon cheese cake. The plain cheese cake cost around rm17 for small and rm19 for a big. For those lover, they can buy a love shape cake too. ; ] As to those flavor cake like the one I bought (lemon cheese cake) cost around rm50.

This is the plain cheese cake with their symbol on top. =] Previously I heard that they have two types, original and chocolate cheese cake, but I didn't notice any sign of chocolate there. The texture was soft and light and absolutely delicious that makes me wants more.
yumm yumm~

And this is the lemon cheese cake I choose. Is kinda plain as it looks but is really nice. Is like what people said "don't judge a book by it's cover". This cake look plain but the light taste of cheese combine with lemon and fresh cream make it simply irresistible. My family finish it within one night. Suit for older people too as the taste is not so heavy.

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Thumbs up~ thumbs up~ thumbs up~