Final Fantasy Versus Xlll

Hi guys, I am a FF fans and bump into this trailer, check this FF Versus Xlll trailer, this is so cooooollll...~!!!!!

The trailer opens with a three car motorcade traveling on the lower deck of a double decker highway leading into a metropolis. The Prince is seen within one of the vehicles, emotionless. The trailer then cuts into the scene from last trailer where in the Prince walks outside the building to hundreds of soldiers. Unlike the previous trailer, as the Prince materializes his weapons, he rapidly engages the soldiers by himself using a wide variety of his weapons. As the Prince breaks a soldiers neck he imposes his weapon barrier in front of a dozen advancing soldiers. Their bullets are reflected, thus shooting themselves.

Next the Prince teleports into the air to engage soldiers repelling down the building. As he falls to eliminate one soldier he teleports back into the air to engage more also teleports to where he throws his sword. Before teleporting to the front of the building the Prince impales a repelling soldier as blood virtually bursts from the soldiers back. Rocket Propelled Grenades are fired upon him, but once more the Prince's barrier of weapons keeps the him unscathed. The trailer ends with the Prince practically dismissing the soldiers meager efforts as he returns to his thrown.

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