Eyeshield #21

Never give a thought that American Football is so interesting. After watch this anime, I even know how to play by the rules. My first impression to this sport was a rough game, but it wasn't show that way.

This story is about a boy name Sena Kobayakawa who spent his life complying with the demands of bullies. Sooner he was discovered by his high school American football team captain Yoichi Hiruma and forces Sena to join Deimon Devil Bats as his team's running back. Sena fast pace ability become a new rising stars among the high school football.

Besides that, there are few funny characters like The Three Ha-Ha Brothers, Kazuki Jumonji , Koji Kuroki and Shozo Togano. They 3 are not brothers but always being called as brothers and constantly re-affirming that they are not brothers cause they constantly together. They three are line defences post in the team.

Eyeshield 21 is name after the main character, Sena who wears an eyeshield helmet to keep his identity as mystery. While the football uniform he is wearing is number 21.

Good recommendation from ms.tisubox, thanks. thumbs up~ thumbs up. =D

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