The Loaf, Cheese Cake

Cheese cake!! One of my favorites...

Ms.little lazy worm bought for me this cake last few days after her 1st interview. I miss this cake a lot ever since I tasted it. I think she bought from The Loft, heard that this shop opened by our beloved ex prime minister Dr.Mahathir. Pavilion is the second shop and the origin is at Langkawi. Well, I don't care what history it is, what I gonna say is, this cheese cake is very very nice and even tastier when it is cold.

It seems like a cup cake, when I am eating it, I feel like eating icecream because it is inside the cup and when i eating it, I feel the cake melt slowly on my tongue and the sweetness of chocolate plus the taste of cheese make me WANTS MORE.

Opss guess I over described. hahaha

Thank You Ms.little lazy worm. ~~ =D thumbs up, thumbs up

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - **The bag only for display purposes. Is not from The Loaf.

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