Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009, Putrajaya

Last Saturday morning, I saw a post message from my friend bout this hot air balloon fiesta on Putrajaya. Without any hesitation, I inform my friend bout this event after checking out the details on net. It held on 21 and 22 of March 2009, 7am to 9pm. The hot air balloon starts around 5pm. When I reach there, I see nothing but an empty field.
After 15minutes later, I saw few people start to prepare the basket or gondola.
After they settle up the basket, they starts to test out their burner.
Sooner the crowd starting to filling up the event area.
and finally it starts. Yeah !!

Orange balloon.

And this is the rising of clown balloon. Scary actually and don't seems nice to me.

Other balloon rising up as well, the yellow balloon is from Malaysia and the clown balloon from Belgium.

Clown balloon is flying and The MasterCard balloon flies without a basket.

Elephant balloon~~WAU OOOO~~~~

Beside the balloon stated "To Vincent". Wonder who is Vincent and why dedicate to Vincent. :P

Opsss forget to mention that the crowd is uncontrollable as they started to entered the event area.

They take the chances to snap photos and look more closer, and of course I join the crowd. :P

Well dude, lets have a break with Nescafe~~~
Peacock balloon lifting up in the evening and it is the last balloon on that day. Somehow it didn't manage to lift up, which same goes to Nescafe and elephant balloon. Maybe cause the sky is getting dark. Too bad. =( Anyway, it is a nice fiesta, hanging out with friends in the Saturday evening and suprisingly ms.Little Lazy Worm was there too and she come together with mr.Underforce.

Nice balloon~ thumbs up~ thumbs up~


sweetnessMemories said...
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sweetnessMemories said...

thx for sharing ler...myfrenz! :)
nx year must inform me ok! hehe...
i dun wanna missed it again!!! sobsob