Broga Hill, Let's Go !!

"Wow!!!!", the first word that came out from my mouth after I saw a photo taken from my friend. It was Broga hill that made one of the many interesting things I have bumped into. Two weeks later, I am at the broga hill.

The Broga hill located at Semenyih, a small town south of Kajang. It is quite easy to go if you googling hard enough. There maybe one or two direction that you must take note on the way there. I personally used the LDP ( Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong ) to reach there.

On Saturday, I woke up at 3.45am, getting myself ready and GO~~!! fetch two of my friends at Subang and then straight to Puchong (another staying at Puchong). Around 5am, we depart from Puchong using the way heading to Putrajaya. After passing the rm1.60 toll, head straight up and look for the Kajang signboard. After turning right, will be at SKVE highway. We go straight up passes UNITEN and reach SILK highway and We passes two rm1.00 toll. After the 2nd rm1.00 toll, take notice to the sign board "Rinching" (if not mistaken the spelling) and follow it. This turning is quite confuse because the signboard with Semenyih pointed straight up ahead but actually not far from there, there is another signboard with Rinching and Semenyih pointing the arrow to left. Many people will miss out this turning and go straight. Finally reach Jalan Semenyih. I drove ahead till I reach the second Petronas station and turn left to Nottingham University. When I see the university, I know that I am on the right track to Broga. I drove further inside reach the rabbit farm. I parked my car beside the rabbit farm and at 6.30am, hiking begins!!!

At the palm oil tree entrance, many car parked there, I guess not only my group to Broga hill. We took 10 minutes pass the oil palm tree, and about 30 minutes to the top hill.

The sky is still dark.
The sky is brighter now.

Reaching top. Yeah!!
A group of hikers stop there. Wondering why they stop there...hmmmm????
They looking to this???? cannot be....strange???~~
What is he snapping at?? hmmm...

Well well, is cupcakes...We bring it up there to celebrate ms.Piggy birthday and sang a birthday song to her. Happy birthday yo..
Passed one of the peak. yeah!!
Tracks for us to walk.
Sure lots of people there.
PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - **
Take note if you want to be there:
1. Torchlight - need it when the sky is dark
2. Insect repellent- if you’re afraid of mosquito
3. CAMERA - you don't wanna miss the beautiful scenery
4. Small towel
5. Extra t-shirt
7. Water - 1.5L
8. Wear long pants.**

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sweetnessMemories said...

wow....nice scene hor..
haha....wat a special activity for bday celebration...keke...
and...thanks for the warning..take note! :)

thx for sharing too....