Stamp "denda"

I once encounter a question, what's a stamp "denda" anyway?, from my colleague during the "blow water" session about hobbies. Well, I love collecting stamp, and I do have this stamp "denda".

Stamp "denda" is known as stamp postage due, is used for mail sent with insufficient postage. This stamp was introduced due to the customer who make their own decisions about the amount to pay without the assistant of the postal clerk.

The postage due stamps usually have a simple design which only consist large numeral with the word "postage due" to oversea country and "denda" to our country, Malaysia.

That's all for the short summary about postage due to Mr.One Line Eyes.


yeemun said...

Do you still collect stamps nowadays?

I have some really nice stamps from Australia, on some postcards my friend sent to me. :)

I didn't know that there's such thing as "stamp denda", but I know we have to top-up for the insufficient postage.

This is the first time I saw a "stamp denda". Hehe. Thanks for sharing! :)


yeah..i still collecting it. not much actually.
maybe u should check out my collection one day. hehe

Halim Shahirasul said...


It is quite interesting to learn and collect Setem Denda...

It has been since the stamps were introduce into Straits Settlements.

I collect Malaysian Setem Denda and have in my collection, Malayan Postal, Japanese Occupation, Denda Series 1966, Denda Series 1988, Denda Series 1995 and only 50 sen of Series 2013.

Here is one sample of cover with Setem Denda

Here is 20 sen Denda full sheet

Here is 50 sen Denda full sheet