Carisma Fashion Boutique

Boutique? A boutique is from the French word for shop, a small shopping outlet which specializes in elite and fashionable item such as jewelry and clothing. There are lots of boutique outlet all over the world, not to be miss, my place too. Taipan, USJ, Subang itself have up to ten boutiques.

Here I am, introducing Carisma boutique to you girls. Of so many boutiques around us, why am I introduce only Carisma to you? Coz, this Carisma is opened by my friend. yo~ yo~ yo~.

From my knowledge, this boutique started in 2nd November 2008, which mean last year. Auuuwwwhhh, so sorry now only introduce. This is the first outlet and might be second, third or fourth outlet coming soon. All the best ya. Here are the few shots from boutique.
woooo there's a place for customer to sit. erm...or for those who accompany girlfriend to sit there. whahaha.Surely lots of clothes thou. Not bad.
All their products imported from HK (Hong Kong). Clothing from top to toe available in this boutique. The clothing fashion updated every month. Just like other clothing outlet.

Why need to travel so far to buy clothes as we have an updated fashions clothing around us. This boutique located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. The price are reasonable too. Not to miss out, visit this blog
to check on the available products. Come on fellas, feel free to visit this boutique. =p

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - **Please do mention that you are introduce by iceycodez via his blog, because you will get a special discount of 10%. hahahahahaha. Oh all images are the lastest and fresh taken from Carisma except the last two photos. Yosh...**


Fannie said...

I love this ! ^^


yeah..go visit..10%...10% hahahaha