Walk of Hope @ CapSquare, Earth Hour

I didn't really think of joining this event at CapSqaure. I was only thinking to switch off the light at home that time that day, until mr.Underforce called me up 2 weeks from the earth hour day. He even bought the tickets on that day itself. Well, is a nice day to hangout with friends on this meaningful event. A lot of my friends are there including ms.Little Lazy worm, (wow..thought she lazying around at home only..), ms.Piggy, mr.Fatty, mr.Viagra, ms.Voiceless, ms.miao miao, ms.may and mr.cool. At first I thought the ticket is a must to have in order to join this walk, but it end up, the ticket just to redeem earth hour T-shirt, CDs, recycled goodies bag and hand band. I would have invited ms.fishy to go if the ticket is not compulsory. Sigh... -.-

Anyway, the walk did not start exactly 6pm as it state. It start around 7pm and the walk takes around 5 to 10 minutes (so short), so different from the information I received which is 30 minutes. Nothing much to do except waiting for the walk to start.

Some tree decoration beside the stage.
All people circling around the stage. -.-!!
So little stalls beside the street. Boring~~
Ahhhhhh this is the T-shirt that I miss out. They said the T-shirt is out of stock. duh~~ They should prepare one ticket for one T-shirt. Out of stock? wth... -.-!! Left out redemption gift was a...CD!!!. Anyway, the ticket money is donated to WWF so I don't mind at all whether I got the T-shirt or not. Is a miss thou.

Beside the stage, there are group of people arranging the word 60 with cups and candle inside.
Cheerleader performing to kill some time before the kick out. They smile along their performance. Professionalism i guess?

Alright, alright, is almost time to start. Woooossshhh!!

A band performing before they walk starts. Don't know what kind of music. ?????????

STARTS!!!! yeah.. Each of us handed a cup with a candle inside. We walk with it. Not bad huh. ms.Piggy went and take half dozen of candle incase the candle finish. -.-!!

The walk begins, but the road seems so bright. Walk ends after 10minutes and the count down of earth hour begins. 8.30pm sharp all the lights off and the concert in the dark begins.

The concert starts and my candle light dinner starts too. YUmmyyyYYyyyy~~~~ One hour are not that long. The lights on at 9.30pm and the concerts still on going and I finished my yummy food.

And that's all for the earth hour day. =)

PS: WARNING: Syntax Error - ** DO YOU KNOW?? Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important greenhouse gas produced by human activities and light up the candles produces carbon dioxide too. Do we really saving the earth or just enjoying our self ?**


sweetnessMemories said...

wth??? wat it means?

maysan said...

I think is all a marketing gimmick!