Morning market, Bentong, Pahang.

Bentong is a small town located at Pahang and it takes around one hour journey from KL. It is a small and peaceful town. Have you ever wonder hows the morning market at Bentong is? Well, I have taken few shot of photos to share out. =)

raw foods....

mostly aunties, kids are there.

uncle duplicating keys...
^ ^

market clothes, no testing, free size.

slipersssssssss. c" )

Stockinggggss. o.O

One of the old building in Bentong town.

Argghh...This picture is not clear, at least still can see bit. Quite memorable for those sweet as I eat it when I was a little kid.


@HKw@! said...

Koyak...went back Bentong not call me!!


always call u..u din pick up -.-!! sien jor

@HKw@! said...

sifat...u not call me at all. Hancur